Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 18 April 2014

21-25 April: the village goes into meltdown when a body is found in the river

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Monday 21 April


Will Sandy find Fraser before he gets to Tegan? Grace is hell bent on revenge, but can Trevor persuade Grace to do the right thing? Cindy has to work hard to win Dirk back, but there’s a shock in store for Holly. What will Joe do when he finds out Freddie is helping out a sworn enemy?

Tuesday 22 April

Sam is fearful that Danny has been pushed to the edge, but it’s Tegan who makes a grim discovery. The boxing match at The Hutch packs a punch for Joe and Freddie, while Mercedes cosies up to a brooding Trevor.  In the light of recent news, Ste tries to make peace with Sinead but will her reaction send him on a downward spiral?

Wednesday 23 April

Trevor is in trouble.  After a rocky few days, is Grace prepared to bail him out? Suspicions are rife in the Roscoe household.  Will the family turn on each other? After discovering a body, a freaked out Holly wants Jason to flee the village with her. Sam resorts to desperate measures to save her family, but will it be enough? Is Sonny any closer to solving his case?

Thursday 24 April

Grace wants justice.  Will anything or anyone stand in her way? The net is closing in on the Lomaxes. How far is Ste prepared to go to protect himself and his family? At the Roscoes, Lindsey and Sandy want answers but will they like what they hear?  Will they get to the truth before anyone else does? When Holly turns to crime to fund her plan, will Jason come to her rescue?

Friday 25 April

A new development in the murder inquiry sends shockwaves through the village.  Guilty feelings are running high at both the Lomaxes and the Roscoes.  Grace attempts business as usual.  Who will cause this steely façade to crack? As Holly’s determined to go ahead with her plan, what does Jason have up his sleeve?