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Hollyoaks shock car crash "changes everything for Kyle and Jordan" says Connor Calland

Kyle causes an accident while under the influence, and there will be massive repercussions

hollyoaks kyle kelly crash
Published: Monday, 25th May 2020 at 7:25 pm

The consequences of Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) spiralling into drug addiction as he struggles with depression were felt in Hollyoaks when he crashed his car while under the influence with stepson Oscar in his care - not only that, but he rammed right into his dealer Jordan Price (Connor Calland).


Desperate to prove he takes his responsibilities to the family seriously to fiancee Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox), Kyle gave into temptation and secretly arranged to score weed from pusher Jordan.

Later, during Monday 25th May's E4 showing, Nancy's ex Darren Osborne dropped his little boy Oscar back home shortly before Jordan arrived to do the drugs deal. The presence of a child didn't stop the illegal transaction taking place, and Jordan headed off for a romantic day out with girlfriend Peri Lomax after his bit of business.

hollyoaks Jordan price peri lomax

Ready for a drive with Oscar, Kyle took a big risk and smoked a joint despite the lad being in the front seat. High on drugs, and distracted by his stepson, Kyle took his eye off the wheel and crashed his car just as Jordan and Peri were leaving the village.

Jordan is now trapped in the smashed vehicle and him and terrified Peri are reeling, while Kyle has plunged into panic. Is Jordan seriously injured? Is Oscar okay? And will Kyle be forced to admit he caused the chaos due to taking drugs sold to him by Jordan, thus exposing his true colours to Peri and the Lomaxes?

hollyoaks kyle kelly oscar osborne

The shock incident is a game-changer for cocky Jordan, as Connor Calland told in an exclusive interview. "It changes the dynamic of all the characters involved. The crash jeopardises Jordan's dealing, his relationships in the village and puts a big question mark over his arrangement with Kyle.

"In the immediate aftermath there is a lot going on. From Jordan's point of view, as soon as it happens he wonders he is going to get himself out of this situation. His biggest skill is talking his way out of things, but he's not quite clear how he's going to be able to do that here…"


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