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Will Warren and Sienna's son Sebastian die in Hollyoaks?

And can the warring parents unite when he needs them most?

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Published: Wednesday, 1st April 2020 at 10:57 am

Hollyoaks fans are fearing for the fate of little Sebastian as Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) and Sienna Blake (Anna Passey)'s son was wheeled in for a bone marrow transplant that could save his life.


The tragic two year-old is battling leukaemia and surgery may be his only hope. Sienna had just returned from being on the run with her boy, along with his twin sister Sophie, who she snatched in January having just got her kids back from baby daddy Foxy who abducted them when they were infants as part of the warring parents' ongoing feud… Keeping up?

Sienna came home when a match was found in Chester, so with Sebastian's life now hanging in the balance could it finally be time for his mum and dad to put their differences aside?

"They have a really strong bond," Lomas tells "And deep down I think Warren is sorry for taking the children away from their mother. He does feel bad about it.

"As always with Warren he felt it was the right ting to do at the time, but realises now it probably wasn't!"

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As viewers saw, Foxy is so determined to put their poisonous past behind them he's even given Sienna a recording of his murderous misdemeanours for her to use as collateral if he tries to take off with the twins again. Surely that unprecedented move shows he means business?

"At first I found it difficult to justify Warren doing that," admits Lomas. "He is a very smart cookie and to give all that incriminating information to his arch-enemy - I wasn't sure. But he really wants Sienna to trust him this time, and he does want to try and make a better life for him and the kids. She is his kids' mum so he will want to protect her.

"Although that recording is bound to crop up again at some point," he grins. "When I read about it in the script I thought, 'Well that's a future storyline right there!' It's all out there now…"


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