Emmerdale spoilers: James Barton is revealed to be Adam’s dad – Natalie J Robb interview

"Her heart sinks because the last thing she wants is for her son's life to be ruined," says the actress

James Barton is to confront bride-to-be Moria with the news that Adam is definitely his son.


“It’s the last thing she wants to hear,” says Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira. “She knew there was a chance that James could be the father, the slut! But she’s been in complete denial about it. Moira and James had agreed never to discuss it, but then he goes behind her back and gets DNA evidence. When he presents the documentation to her, Moira is in shock. Her heart sinks because the last thing she wants is for her son’s life to be ruined.”

In the week of her wedding to Cain, Moira will be seen growing frantic that James will ruin her big day. She pleads for him to keep quiet over Adam, but James isn’t going to make it easy for her and threatens that if she doesn’t stop the wedding he will. Moira is, of course, desperate to marry the man she loves, but she’s also terrified of what James will do.

“Moira’s main concern is: will James tell Adam? So there’s a real cliffhanger moment when the registrar asks if there are any lawful impediments,” says Robb. “Personally, I’d like the wedding to go ahead. There’s no question that she’s in love with Cain. It’s a new start for her and her family. But it’s definitely going to be an anxious, nail-biting day.”


And would she take the Dingle name should Cain and Moira tie the knot? “I think she should. I don’t think Cain would let her get away with it if she didn’t. Because it is a new start, the name would have to change. Mind you, I don’t think my name at ITV will change. On set, I’m just known as Mucky Moira!”