Emmerdale spoilers: Charity gets Debbie to tell abortion lie

But is Charity's daughter really willing to take the rap in front of Declan?

A rattled Charity Macey (Emma Atkins) is to go to desperate lengths to cover her tracks next week when she tells husband Declan (Jason Merrells) that it was Debbie (Charley Webb) who had an abortion and not her.


Charity will start to feel under increased pressure after Megan (Gaynor Faye) and Robbie (Jamie Shelton) team up to expose her lies – and ends embroiling shocked daughter Debbie in her plan.

Viewers will see Charity sink to new levels of duplicity after getting Robbie arrested for attempting to break into the clinic where she had her secret termination. But after Robbie returns home, he’s quick to badger Declan with his suspicions, all of which leaves the businessman feeling increasingly rattled.

After Declan insists that Charity goes to the clinic with him to prove her innocence, a panicky Charity blurts out that it was Debbie who had the termination. But is Debbie really willing to cover for her mum?

Speaking about her current storyline, actress Emma Atkins admitted to RadioTimes.com that she did have some concerns about Charity’s unscrupulous behaviour.


“I was quite worried about the abortion storyline,” she said. “When our producer Kate Oates told me about it, I was left wondering how awful my character could become before I’d have to leave the show. It’s the lie upon lie that’s difficult – I love my character and I’m passionate about her but I never condone what she does. I think she’s a shameless woman.”