Emmerdale: I’d fear for my life if Aaron and Robert split up, says Danny Miller

Will 'Robron' fans be left heartbroken by events in next week's episodes?


Aaron and Robert’s relationship is to hit more turbulence in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale thanks to the possibility of a police arrest. Next week’s drama will begin on an upbeat note with the pair planning their nuptials, but fans shouldn’t expect the good mood to last.


“Aaron has always been very private, so it’s quite an attractive idea to go off to Las Vegas and have this quiet little wedding for themselves,” says Danny Miller. “Robert says that they don’t need a piece of paper to show much they love each other, but it would mean a lot to Aaron. It would show that they’re together forever.”

However, ‘together forever’ might not be as easy as all that, thanks to Robert’s continuing closeness to Rebecca.

Viewers should brace themselves for scenes in which Aaron finds his partner sharing a drink with Rebecca up at Home Farm, a discovery that’s all the more painful for the fact that Robert has lied by saying he was at work.

“Aaron doesn’t completely trust Robert and I can see why. Rebecca is a threat to the relationship,” continues Miller, “and because she’s a girl, she offers something very different for Robert both emotionally and sexually. That’s one of the interesting things about Robert’s character – there’s always the chance of him having a relationship with someone of a different gender.”

For his part, Robert is quick to assure Aaron he has no need to be jealous and that – if their relationship is going to work – then he needs to trust him. But it looks as though volatile Aaron will once again let his temper get the better of him, yet not in the way that you might expect.

Instead of Robert bearing the brunt of Aaron’s anger, it’ll be an unsuspecting Kasim who finds himself embroiled in events. After Aaron overhears an argument between the village newcomer and Finn, he rushes in, with disastrous consequences:

“Kasim gets caught in the crossfire of Aaron wanting to let out some frustration. He hears the back end of an argument and witnesses Kasim throwing a punch at Finn. So Aaron goes to protect Finn and lays into Kasim, but he can’t stop once he gets going.

“A lot of that is to do with Robert – he’s probably picturing him and Rebecca at the same time as he’s doing this. So it’s unfortunate for Kasim, but perhaps even more so for Aaron because – as we know – he’s out on licence for a year and this isn’t going to go down well with the police.”

And sure enough, in the aftermath of the attack, officers are calling round to question Aaron. So could he face arrest? And might this latest incident be the end of #Robron as we know it? Miller is hoping not, joking that he’d be worried for his safety should Aaron and Robert ever split up:

“I’d fear for my life! It’s amazing how the fandom has become so huge. I’ve never known it in a soap before. People are really rooting for them because of everything they’ve been through – they have a real attachment to the characters because of all the ordeals they’ve endured. They want the couple to survive. It would be devastation, I’d imagine, if that’s not too strong a word. And I’d be gutted too.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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