EastEnders spoilers: a drunk Tina throws up over Tosh, says Luisa Bradshaw-White

"Tina is really messed up and she's being an idiot," reveals the actress

A night out at a firefighter’s ball turns sour in the coming weeks when Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) ends up vomiting over girlfriend Tosh (Rebecca Scroggs) after getting drunk.


“Tina’s been invited to the party and it’s the first time that she’s met all of Tosh’s workmates,” says Bradshaw-White. “But she’s not very confident and feels she has a lot to live up to. She’s very nervous and goes for a drink at the Albert, but ends up drinking cocktails through a straw.”

Tina’s bit of dutch courage results in Tina getting hammered and making a show of herself. And matters aren’t helped when a furious Tosh lays into Tina.

“Tina is really messed up and she’s being an idiot,” continues the actress. “She’s trying to be funny but it ends up sounding like she’s slagging Tosh off. Tina falls off a chair, which left me bruised everywhere! And then when she walks outside, the sun hits her and she throws up over Tosh’s dress.”


Later on, efforts to put things right go awry when a manipulative Dean (Matt Di Angelo) stirs up trouble between Tosh and Tina. So is Tina to stay in the doghouse or will a cunning plan put things right? Discover the outcome when EastEnders airs these scenes next week.