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Simon's downward spiral makes life worse for Leanne on Coronation Street

As if things couldn't get worse for poor Leanne...

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Published: Wednesday, 24th February 2021 at 6:30 pm

Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) has had a devastating time these last few months in Coronation Street following her son, Oliver's, diagnosis and subsequent death and while she has been trying to put on a brave face, she is clearly struggling to move on.


And it seems that things are not going to improve for her any time soon as she finds herself stuck in a hellish situation as Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) continues to get in deeper into the drug-dealing world and it soon ends up in Leanne's home.

But how will she cope with more upset and upheaval coming her way?

Leanne learns all about what Simon is up to next week when she finds a bag of drugs and wastes little time in confronting him about it. But Simon is in no mood to be judged and he angrily tells her that he is doing it to put food on their table as they are broke.

simon drugs coronation street

Not being swayed, Leanne says that they need to go to the police, but Simon lets her know that if they go down that route, there is every chance that his boss will have him killed for being a grass. With that information, Leanne feels helpless and that she has no choice but to let him get on with it.

But that soon impacts her home life as she catches Simon and Jacob counting their drug money and she learns what kind of a person Jacob is when he taunts her about losing a son. When she loses her temper, he is unfazed and later again makes another dig about Oliver.

At the end of her tether, she tells Jacob that if he does not get out of her house then she will call the police, but he calls her bluff and tells her to go ahead - knowing that she would not put Simon at risk. How will Leanne handle the situation, and will anybody be able to get Simon out of this lurid business?


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