Murderous Stephen Reid continued his reign of terror in Coronation Street tonight.


The killer took the life of Leo Thompkins in September but continues to cause trouble on the cobbles - particularly for mum Audrey.

The financially-challenged businessman was seen on Tuesday night's episode (29th November 2022) working his job as a takeaway delivery man when he was confronted by his nasty old acquaintance Drake who mocked his new job.

In response, Stephen (Todd Boyce) quit his job swiftly and quickly began to work to remain in control of mother Audrey Roberts's finances by convincing his nephew Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) that Audrey (Sue Nicholls) was drinking again.

Nick had been planning for his son Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) to join Audrey on her cruise holiday and, despite Stephen's scheming, the holiday was set to go ahead as planned.

In response, Stephen snuck into his mother's salon and stole her antidepressants before inviting Nick to join him and Audrey in the Rovers Return pub to discuss the holiday.

Waiting for Nick to arrive, the drinks were bought and Audrey went to go to the toilet, prompting Stephen to spike Audrey's drink with crushed antidepressants.

However, Stephen showed he was not completely evil as guilt overcame him and prevented him from continuing, knocking over Audrey's drink as he got up.

Afterwards, Stephen begrudgingly booked the cruise for £3,000 and was thanked by Nick and Audrey.

If that was not enough, Stephen's car was towed away after his estranged wife Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) revealed she had cancelled the contract on the car.

Stephen Reid sprawled across the road in Coronation Street
Stephen Reid sprawled across the road in Coronation Street tomorrow. ITV

Stephen's niece Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) spotted the car being towed after Stephen failed to pick her up - but could his lies unravel further still?

In tomorrow's episode, Stephen manages to beg and get his job for the takeaway service back but his desire to hide his new job from those on the street leads to disaster as he crashes his moped. Will Stephen survive?

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