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5 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Maria makes her choice, plus new trauma for Gemma

And Fiz once again gets on the wrong side of Jade

Published: Saturday, 15th February 2020 at 9:00 am

Maria has a dilemma and Gemma gets bad news in our rundown of the Coronation Street spoilers for the 17th to the 21st of February 2020.


Maria makes her choice


Maria is once again bouncing between Corrie bad boys as she reels following Gary's surprise proposal of marriage, which came mere hours after she'd slept with ex-boyfriend Ali. Monday's double bill sees Gary head off on a work trip to Birmingham, while Ali takes advantage of his absence and calls at Maria's flat to beg her to give their relationship a chance.

But it looks as though his plea will fall on deaf ears as, by Friday, Maria will have agreed to marry Gary, announced their engagement - and told Ali to stay out of her life.

Chesney sticks it to the man


The Freshco Four sounds like they ought to be involved in a miscarriage-of-justice news story from the 1980s. But no, we are, of course, talking about Ches and Gemma’s quads. Though for how long the family remains the playthings of the supermarket chain remains to be seen. Wednesday's double bill sees Ches sticking it to the man and labelling the marketing campaign a sham. Hence the contract being terminated with immediate effect.

But there's bigger trauma to come for Gemma and Chesney than a mere falling out with corporate big-wigs. By the end of Friday, the pair will have been on the receiving end of the heartbreaking news that their son Aled has been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. How will they react?

Fiz incurs Jade's wrath

Fiz Brown

Having grown envious of Hope's closeness to Jade, Fiz takes drastic action when she decides to take her family away on holiday. Viewers have seen a reluctant Fiz let Jade back into their lives, but when they meet up with her for a craft workshop, Hope makes it clear that she prefers the nanny to her mum. However, when Fiz and Tyrone scoop the kids up for a trip away, their decision leaves Jade furious. Will she decide to wreak further revenge?

James comes out to Ed


Over Wednesday's breakfast at the Bailey's house, James finally plucks up the courage to tell his dad Ed that he's gay. Ed does his best to take the new in his stride, but it soon becomes clear that he's struggling - and there's further hurt to come when he realises that Aggie and Michael already knew.

Gail hosts a party


It's party time at the Platts' on Friday as Gail hosts a birthday bash for young Oliver's third birthday. The little fella ends up sleeping through most of the event, but there's still drama for those who are there to celebrate. Bethany raises eyebrows when she arrives with Daniel in tow. And Adam is far from pleased to learn that Sarah has invited the whole factory to the wedding, pointing out that Beth may well kick off at Bethany and Daniel.

Will Sally be Abi's alibi?


The repercussions of Abi stealing and then torching Ray's car will be felt on Monday when he calls at the garage and tells her that he's reported her to the police. Kevin urges Abi to invent an alibi, so she asks Sally if she'll vouch for her. What will Sally say?


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