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Coronation Street reveals Jan Lozinski is working with the police in human trafficking twist

Eileen's fella is a good guy after all - but will she ever see him again?

coronation street jan lozinski
Published: Wednesday, 7th August 2019 at 8:58 pm

Coronation Street aired an audacious twist in its human trafficking storyline on Wednesday 7th August when it transpired shifty Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann) has actually been working undercover as a police informant all along to bring down the shady slavery operation run from the Weatherfield nail bar.


Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) confronted her builder boyfriend in an action-packed double bill over his alleged involvement in the trafficking ring uncovered by Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), who got a beating earlier this week from the gangsters enslaving eastern European immigrants - including love interest Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) - when he busted their crimes.

Warning landlady Eileen her fella was part of it, the eternally unlucky-in-love lady marched down to the nail bar demanding answers only to be faced with Jan seemingly colluding with cohort Nikolai and corrupt salon boss Rachel about to do a runner as they arranged another shipment of slaves.

Backed into a corner Jan turned on devastated Eileen, admitting his part in the slavery scam and cruelly insisting he never cared about her. The cops, called by Seb from his hospital bed, then burst in and apprehended everybody, including Eileen, by now completely bewildered.

Released without charge, Eileen lamented to pal Abi how she'd picked another bad boy, barely a year after the Pat Phelan debacle, but then came the sting in the tale…

Jan was seen in a cell visited by Weatherfield hot shot lawyer Paula Martin (Stirling Gallacher) who congratulated him for his work as a police informant which had successfully blown the trafficking ring apart and led to several prosecutions, but when Mr Lozinski asked if he could see Eileen to explain the truth he was told it was too dangerous - he must leave town and never contact her again! The reveal was kept under wraps until it aired, and ends months of audience speculation there was more to mysterious Jan than met the eye.

coronation street paula martin visits jan lozinski in prison

On Friday 9th August Alina is also moved to a safe house in a new area and is unsure whether she should see Seb again, giving the impression the trafficking plot is all done and dusted. However, Coronation Street told the storyline may go on the back burner for a little while but it's far from over, and fans can expect it to be back in focus later this month.

Does that mean Jan will return and Eileen gets her happy ending?


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