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Why isn't Coronation Street on tonight? When is it next on TV?

Euro 2020 has meant some changes are afoot!

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Published: Wednesday, 16th June 2021 at 3:24 pm

A major sporting event making changes to the schedules of our favourite soaps is nothing new and many have complained countless times about them being shunted around the schedule.


With Euro 2020 underway, those schedule changes are back again and while we have detailed when you can watch Coronation Street on ITV below, there is a twist in the tale planned by ITV this time - which has led to some soap binging!

All episodes for the week are available to stream on the ITV Hub so viewers can choose when they want to watch them. But if you prefer to watch live or you have a dodgy internet connection then they will still be shown on the main channel - and here is when you can catch them!

When is Coronation Street on next week?

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For the third week of this new way for us to consume our Corrie, we have three visits to Weatherfield on the table for ITV1 - two of them being hourlongs!

  • Monday, June 21st at 9pm - 60 mins
  • Wednesday, June 23rd at 9pm - 60 mins
  • Friday, 25th June at 7.30pm - 30 mins

As for next week, here is when Corrie is set to air but there should be an extra two episodes that will be slotted in at some point.

  • Monday, 5th July at 7:30pm (30 mins)
  • Monday, 5th July at 8:30pm (30 mins)
  • Friday 9th July at 7.30pm (60 mins)

And for the following week, it is back to normal - unless ITV decides to keep the soap weekly boxset idea going for longer!

Is Coronation Street moving to streaming permanently?

This is only for the four-week duration of Euro 2020 and once that tournament is over in early July, Coronation Street will be back to its regular schedule.

That does not mean that the streaming debut won't make a return at all though and we suspect the ITV execs will be keeping a close eye on how well it performs on the ITV Hub. If the soap attracts more eyeballs then it may start conversations about making this new normal - only time will tell!


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