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When is Moon Knight’s release date on Disney Plus? Cast, story and more

A lesser-known Marvel hero is getting his own series.

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Work is ramping up on the slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe shows headed to Disney Plus, with Moon Knight the latest project to be filling out its creative team.


Reports broke earlier this month that none other than Oscar Isaac is in talks to play the lead role in the streaming series, which will introduce one of Marvel’s strangest heroes to general audiences.

Marc Spector, a former CIA agent, is saved by the Moon God Khonshu on a mission and becomes the human avatar of the Egyptian deity on Earth. As far as superhero origins go, it’s one of the more confusing ones.

According to Deadline, one of the people tasked with unravelling this yarn will be Mohamed Diab, an Egyptian writer-director who recently worked on the acclaimed drama Eshtebak (known as Clash in English-speaking countries).

If these reports are true, he’ll be collaborating with The Umbrella Academy’s Jeremy Slater, who will be heading up the writing team for the much-anticipated show.

You can find out more information here about Marvel TV series on Disney+, as the shows look set to have a huge impact on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You can sign up to Disney+ with an annual subscription for £59.99 or £5.99 a month.

Here’s everything we know about Moon Knight.

When is Moon Knight released on Disney+?

No release date has been confirmed as yet, and as there are a fair few series ahead of it in the line of production, it may be a while.

The series was originally intended to start filming in November 2020 in Atlanta, but ongoing coronavirus restrictions may have slowed production while Disney concentrates on earlier series.

Who is in the cast of Moon Knight?

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No official casting information has been released as yet, though rumour has it that Star Wars star Oscar Isaac could be in the frame to play Marc Spector.

According to Variety the Inside Llewyn Davis and Dune actor is “in talks” to star as the superhero, though as of yet has not been locked into the main role.

Outside of this, the only casting information we have is that Daniel Radcliffe is not set to join the cast.

As he revealed in an interview with comingsoon.net, the Harry Potter star said: “I’m not averse to doing any kind of franchise thing in the future again, that could be fun. But the Moon Knight rumours are untrue, I can officially debunk that one, I haven’t heard anything about it.”

GWW had previously reported that Marvel is looking for a “Zac Efron type” ideally of Israeli descent, in order to honour the character’s Jewish origins.

Jeremy Slater, who adapted superhero drama The Umbrella Academy to Netflix, will lead the writing team on Moon Knight.

Slater previously also worked on Josh Trank’s ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot, Netflix’s Death Note adaptation and the short-lived Exorcist television series.

In October, Deadline reported that Mohamed Diab would serve as director on the project, although this is yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel Studios.

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight
Moon Knight

Well, that’s the question. Marc Spector has a lot of alter egos, which he uses to gather information throughout the world without being noticed. He is a cab driver called Jake Lockley, and a Bruce Wayne-like socialite and millionaire called Steven Grant.

Over the course of his appearance in the comics, his identity has changed, along with his backstory. In some iterations, he possesses superpowers, acting as the vessel for Moon God Khonshu. In others, he is a mere mortal.

It remains to be seen which direction the show’s writing team will take this series, though hints suggest that Moon Knight will be in some ways super-powered in the new series.

You can sign up to Disney+ with an annual subscription for £59.99 or £5.99 a month.


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