This Doctor Who Minecraft video will blow your mindcraft

Yes, it's an entire Doctor Who rollercoaster made entirely in Minecraft

For a man whose entire life is wibbly-wobbly, the Doctor is pretty comfortable in the blocky world of Minecraft. First much of the cast (including some obscure characters) got a Minecraft makeover in an update for the Xbox 360 edition, released tomorrow. Then some creative fans made this stunning Doctor Who themed rollercoaster.


From Gallifrey to Davros, the Ood to the show’s logo (!), every scene has been remade from the game’s basic building blocks and set to a banging version of the theme tune.

If you’re struggling to follow what’s going on, at the beginning of the video the player climbs into a minecart. This starts trundling down a set of tracks and through every tableau. It’s like Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disney World, but with Doctor Who.

The YouTube channel neuropsych1 specialise in these incredible Minecraft roller coasters, with large teams of builders working together on a single server.


Yes it all looks a bit blocky, but Doctor Who would have killed for these special effects in the 1970s.