Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack tops charts. Also, here’s some Easter eggs!

Film’s retro ‘Awesome Mix’ leads US download charts, and did you spot all of these cameos?

Guardians of the Galaxy! Right? How good is Guardians of the Galaxy?


So good that it hasn’t just broken records at the box office, but convinced young whippersnappers to listen to their parent’s music. The movie’s soundtrack, which features classic tracks from the likes of David Bowie, Blue Swede and the Jackson 5, has hit the top of the US album charts following the film’s release last weekend.

In the movie, Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill carries an old cassette Walkman wherever he goes, playing a mix tape of his dead mother’s favourite music. Mrs Quill had great taste, and her ‘Awesome Mix’ is indeed awesome. The retro tunes have now topped the US iTunes and Amazon download charts, although Now That’s What I Call Music 88 has held it off the top stop in the UK.

(In Guardians, 1988 was the year Peter Quill got abducted from Earth by space pirates. Not especially relevant, or interesting, but there you go.) 

While we’re in a GotG mood, here’s a video pointing out many of the film’s easter eggs and comic book nods, including some surprising cameos.

Anyway, let’s all skip work and go watch Guardians again.

Yes Tim, I haven’t gone to the bathroom, this is me telling you I have skipped work to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

So sack me.

(Done. Please send CVs and covering letters to the usual address. Ed.)