These edited Doctor Who gifs tone down the Sixth Doctor’s outfit and make it a lot easier on the eye

You can remove your Sonic Sunglasses - that technicolor nightmare has been transformed into something much more respectable...


The Sixth Doctor is not always taken too seriously, and that’s in large part thanks to that eye-scalding technicolor nightmare coat he wore.


You have to feel sorry for Colin Baker, who played the role – apparently he hated the outfit as much as most Doctor Who fans and had originally asked for something more along the lines of the black jeans and leather jacket ensemble Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor ended up wearing 20 years later.

So for anyone who’s wondering what might have been, here are some Sixth Doctor clips skilfully edited by designer Will Brooks that tone down the costume to a much more sober and respectable level, meaning you can actually pay attention to some of the other things that are happening on the screen.

Here they are, with the original versions for comparison…

See, that’s much better isn’t it?


Poor Colin. If only Doctor Who back then had still been in black and white all this could have been avoided…