The Class Doctor Who spin-off has officially finished filming – and Pearl Mackie crashed the wrap party

We'll be seeing the BBC3 series very, very soon


After 22 weeks of filming, writer Patrick Ness and his Class cast have finally said goodbye – which means we’ll be seeing the Doctor Who spin-off very, very soon.


Although, by the sounds of it, they’ll need a bit of time to recover from the Class wrap party, which featured a very special guest appearance from new Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie.


The cast celebrated finishing filming last night in style, with creator Ness even showing off his special Coal Hill School-embossed notebook. Can we buy one of those please?

That's a wrap. ?

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Cast member Vivian Oparah meanwhile was having a little trouble getting ready for the night ahead.

Although she later managed to convinced Who companion Pearl Mackie to share the emotion.

Fellow cast member Fady Elsayad shared a sweet parting note from producer Derek Ritchie.

Before Ness gave us the news we were all waiting for…