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Gift ideas for Stranger Things fans

The ultimate buying guide for fans of the Upside Down

The fairy lights that Will uses to communicate with his mother Joyce Byers in Stranger Things (Netflix, JG)

Stranger Things is over for another year, and we might have to wait a while to see what’s next for Eleven and co and resolve that post-credit scene.


But if there’s a person in your life who can’t get enough of demorgogons, the Upside Down and 80s nostalgia, take a look below for some Stranger Things inspired merchandise may make that wait a little less painful.

Expect some 80s themed packaging…

Winter Warmers

Stringer Things Hoodie


Season 3 may have been set in summer but this ET-inspired merchandise is the perfect winter companion. This handprinted cotton hoodie is available in a variety of colours and certain to keep out the chill of the Upside-Down.

Amazon – £12.95 – £14.99

Role-playing fun

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set


For those curious about Will’s favourite game which originated the name of the Domogorgon and Mind Flayer, look no further. This starter set includes a campaign created by Mike in the show, two demogorgon figurines and six dice all in a retro 80s packaging. Just be careful what you wish for…

Magic Madhouse – £24.95

Buildable thrills

Upside down Lego set


You know a franchise has made it when it gets its own lego set. The Upside Down lego set recreates the Byers’ home in both the real world and with the Upside Down version below, along with all they key Season One characters, Hopper’s truck and a light-up wall. Could have done without a lego demogorgon though…

Amazon – £190.95

For the board gamer…

Monopoly Stranger Things Edition


If role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons aren’t your thing, then this special edition of Monopoly is for you. Including key locations such as Hawkins National Laboratory and The Upside Down, as well as, er, Steve’s pool, this will entertain fans of the show and Monopoly alike.

Amazon – £22.99

For the collector…

Steve Pop! Vinyl Figure


Pop! continue their quest to make figures of every TV and movie character ever, including a new wave of Stranger Things season 3 Funko Pops such as Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington in his iconic Scoops Ahoy outfit. Also available are new variants of Eleven, Billy and even a rather terrifying demogorgon figure.

Zavvi – £10.99

Light up

Friends Don’t Lie Mug


There are several Stranger Things mugs available, but this one looks suitably Christmassy even if it is a tad similar to the logo of the Friends TV show. The mug features Joyce Byers’ iconic Christmas list alphabet, which when filled with hot water lights up with Eleven’s quote ‘friends don’t lie’. Nifty.

Amazon – £12.95

One for the wall…

Stranger Things Cast Signed Poster


While this sadly doesn’t come with the frame, this A4 or A3 80s inspired season three poster features the signatures of the entire cast from Winona Ryder to Millie Bobby Brown. Signed print posters of the first two seasons are available too, perfect for the bedroom walls of the young or young-at-heart.

Amazon – £7.99

Stuck in the Upside Down Drinking Bottle


This cleverly-designed drinking bottle is reusable, meaning you can help the environment as well as show off your passion for Stranger Things.

EMP – £14.99

Enter if you dare…

Stranger Things Doormat


Give a friend or family’s doorstep some personality with this licensed Stranger Things doormat, sure to make all their neighbours jealous and warn humans and demogorgons alike that your house is in the Upside Down.

Amazon – £14.99

Nostalgic Night Light

Retro VHS  Dustin Inspired Lamp


This Stranger Things night light is shaped like a good old-fashioned video cassette, complete with Blockbuster style stickers on. The lamps are handmade, available in a variety of colours with customisable text – perfect to send a Christmas message.


Etsy – £14.99