Steven Moffat delivers a very ominous preview for this week’s Doctor Who

The showrunner says the Doctor and Missy's friendship will "cost a lot of lives" in series 10 episode 11


The Doctor Who finale is spinning closer towards us, accompanied by John Simm’s malevolent Master, a legion of Mondasian Cybermen and a 400-mile-long spaceship battling a black hole. But that’s not all.


In the introduction to series 10 episode 11, showrunner Steven Moffat promises plenty of death as the Doctor and Missy try to come to terms.

“The Doctor and Missy have been friends for an incredibly long time and he wants more than anything else for her to be a good person like him. And she’s starting to want that too,” he says, before adding ominously: “The consequences for that are going to cost a lot of lives.”



Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday 24th June at 6:45pm