Peter Capaldi takes a break from Doctor Who filming in London to give a tourist directions

Sweaty Cybermen braved the hottest day of the year as the new Doctor and his co-star Michelle Gomez shot scenes at St Paul's Cathedral

It’s ten years this week since the revived Doctor Who began filming in Wales. As if to mark the occasion, the show’s production team took a sunny daytrip away from their Cardiff base this weekend to stage a Cyber-invasion on the streets of London. donned its sunglasses to catch a glimpse of the action.


Braving blistering temperatures on one of the hottest days of the year, Saturday’s shoot saw the Cybermen stomping a path from St Paul’s Cathedral, a London landmark they last conquered during The Invasion, a 1968 skirmish with Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor.
The new series of Doctor Who begins on 23 August on BBC1.