Meet the cast of Doctor Who series 10

Everything you need to know about the cast, characters and aliens of the time-travelling adventure

Michelle Gomez as Missy



Who is Missy?

She’s the female incarnation of rogue Time Lord the Master. She’s battled the Doctor several times since series 8, and momentarily teamed up with him on Dalek homeworld Skaro. Spoiler: that didn’t last long.

Who is Michelle Gomez?

A Scottish actress who before Who was best known for her comedy work: she starred as the unhinged Sue White in Green Wing and deputy headteacher Isobel Pickwell in Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education.

John Simm as the Master


Who is the Master?

A very very very bad Time Lord who’s wreaked havoc on the universe since he first appeared on Who in 1971. Originally a friend, he soon became a deadly opponent of the Doctor and last faced off his nemesis in female form as Missy (see above).

However, before he regenerated into Missy (off screen), the Master was last seen in 2009/2010 special The End of Time opposite David Tennant’s Doctor.

It was recently announced that the Master would be returning back to the show to team up with Missy in what’ll surely be a time-bending plot.

Who is John Simm?


Simm’s long list of TV acting credits include Life on Mars (he played time-travelling cop Sam Tyler), State of Play (journalist Cal McCaffrey), The Lakes (Danny Kavanagh) and Mad Dogs. He’s also starred in several films such as Wonderland, Everyday, Boston Kickout and Human Traffic.