Fan proves Kylo Ren was just toying with Finn in The Force Awakens lightsaber fight

Just like grandad...

Here’s the thing about Kylo Ren: he’s immensely powerful with the Force, he’s a Skywalker, he has a sweet helmet, and he’s a punk ass buster.


Even after all of that training from Lord Snoke, Finn – a guy who literally found a lightsaber lying on the ground, and couldn’t take down a stormtrooper with a twirly baton– managed to hold his own against Ben Solo. 

Or did he? According to this fan theory, that first skirmish was simply Kylo toying with Finn. Just like his grandfather did with Luke…


It’s convincing stuff, but still doesn’t explain how Rey managed to take him down. Beginner’s luck, we guess.