Doctor Who’s greatest crossover videos – from Harry Potter and Buffy to Sherlock and Star Wars

Ever wanted to see the Tenth Doctor save the Quiddich World Cup? Or see the Eleventh Doctor team up with Jean Luc Picard to fight the Cybermen? Here are some of the best Doctor Who mash-ups...

When the ‘duff duff’ meets the ‘vworp vworp’


Fans have created some of the weirdest Doctor Who hybrids imaginable, but nothing will ever quite touch 1993’s Children in Need crossover special Dimensions in Time – where the Doctor finds himself in Eastenders for reasons unknown to humanity. Featuring every Doctor from Jon Pertwee up to Sylvester McCoy, accompanied by pretty much every companion from the classic years, the Doctor is trapped by the Rani (of course) in a perpetual time loop in Albert Square, aggrieving locals such as Pat Butcher and the Mitchell Brothers. It is a work of a true madness. And by the way, it’s a real BBC production. 

You will be assimilated / deleted 


When boldly going where no man has gone before, it sometimes helps to have a guy come along who’s probably already been there already. Thank heavens then, for this special eight-issue comic book series, which sees Star Trek: The Next Generation collide with Doctor Who for a collection of one off adventures. Written by Scott & David Tipton with David Lee, and illustrated by JK Woodward, the Doctor must team up with Jean Luc Picard to fight against the new alliance of the Borgs & the Cybermen. What a nightmare.