Doctor Who’s greatest crossover videos – from Harry Potter and Buffy to Sherlock and Star Wars

Ever wanted to see the Tenth Doctor save the Quiddich World Cup? Or see the Eleventh Doctor team up with Jean Luc Picard to fight the Cybermen? Here are some of the best Doctor Who mash-ups...



Before Kim Kardashian certifiably broke the internet, this masterfully made video by an anonymous VFX artist was giving her a run for her money with the now infamous crossover video ‘Wholock’, where fans of Sherlock and Doctor Who alike could finally see the two titular characters seemingly meet. The artist, who goes under the Youtube moniker ‘John Smith’ put together the five minute video using a series of cunning tricks, splicing together different scenes from Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch’s respective shows so they seem to be speaking to each other in the Tardis. Sometimes we just squint our eyes and pretend it’s real.

Star Wars: A Who Hope


“A lost Jedi and a Time Lord must work together to save the alliance.” – Yes, they really must, in Youtube user OviolentDarkNightO’s homage to Star Wars and Doctor Who, we see a universe where Luke Skywalker never meets Yoda or Obi-Wan, but Tenth Doctor David Tennant instead! JJ Abrams must be kicking himself.