Doctor Who? What’s Peter Capaldi doing on the set of Casualty?

The Doctor has paid a visit to Holby City Hospital


Holby City Hospital is used to dealing with mysterious patients but it seems as though they’ve got a mysterious doctor on their hands now too.


Amanda Mealing, who plays Consultant Connie Beauchamp, shared a snap of the curious man in question via her Twitter account.

Of course we all know him as Peter Capaldi – or the 12th Doctor, but what is the Time Lord doing in hospital?

Does he have a health issue? Or is he on the hunt for the next Rory Pond? Nurses make very good companions, after all!

It could have something to do with the Doctor Who set not being far from the Casualty one – they’re both in the same complex in Cardiff.


We’ll keep an eye out for Connie and co when The Doctor returns in April.