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Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Time Fracture review

We take you through our experience of the new immersive Doctor Who theatre show – but should you pick up a ticket?

Doctor Who
Published: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 at 5:17 pm

Is Doctor Who: Time Fracture worth the price of admission, or should it be consigned to the depths of the Void? Worth braving the darkest corners of time and space, or better left to the real Time Lords? Take a walk through the event with us, and find out what to expect...


In this week’s Doctor Who podcast, we’re joined by journalist – and noted interactive theatre sceptic – Stephen Kelly to talk all about the new immersive Who experience, which sees audience members recruited by the Doctor to travel through time and space and save the universe.

Unfortunately, in practice this wasn’t quite the free-flowing adventure we’d hoped – but could COVID be to blame for the downsides? And were the exciting moments (including some cameos from chilling Doctor Who villains, cool Doctor cameos and impressive set design) worth the long stretches where you watched actors try out their improv on you or listened to sirens blaring?

Listen to our extended podcast to find out, featuring a slightly spoilery discussion (leaving out a few key points) of the theatrical production, what worked and what didn’t in Time Fracture.

Want more? Check out our full review of Doctor Who: Time Fracture (where we described the night as "chaotic" with "glimmers of glory") or our interviews with the creatives behind the project to find out everything you can about the adventure.

Alternatively, check out last week’s podcast about the latest series 13 rumours to see what’s next for Doctor Who on television.


Doctor Who will return to BBC One later this year. Check out our Sci-Fi page or our full TV Guide for more.


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