Doctor Who fans uncover mysterious Mandip Gill clue in “find the Doctor” treasure hunt

The BBC show has dropped another clue in the #FindtheDoctor virtual hunt.


The ‘Find the Doctor’ treasure hunt continues with a second clue courtesy of Mandip Gill – and Doctor Who fans are convinced they’ve deciphered the new message.


The online game began a couple of weeks ago with fans being asked to uncover a secret password using a hidden clue in the recent series 13 trailer, and now Doctor Who’s YouTube account has followed it up with a second clue, buried in a voice note from Yaz (Mandip Gill) to the Doctor.

“Hey Doctor, it’s me. I thought you said to me you by the waterfall? It’s funny I thought it was called the hanging gardens because it had loads of hanging baskets like my nan’s house, but I haven’t seen any,” she says.

“Where did you say we were going next? Because I was thinking snowball fight at the top of Everest and then teaching Galileo Bohemian Rhapsody. What do you reckon?

“Anyway, better go. People are starting to stare. Give us a ring when you get this – I’m not sure where you’ve gone.”

Some fans have suggested that the password contains a ‘C’ as the ‘C’ in “clue” is highlighted in red at the end of the video, with one user writing: “FINALLY MORE CLUES to #FindTheDoctor.”

While others have noticed a reference to kronkburgers in the text chain between The Doctor and Yaz, with one fan noting that kronkburgers were featured in the comic strip Doctor Who and the Iron Legion from 1979, as well as 2005 episode The Long Game.

The full password (which can be entered on is yet to be discovered, with those taking part in the treasure hunt needing a few more clues to crack the code.


And as for whatever they might finally unlock, well, it’s still a bit of a mystery…

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