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Director Gareth Edwards on the Rogue One reshoots: 'it’s a conversation we should have a year or two from now'

It's time to jettison talk about the film's lengthy reshoots to the outer rim

Published: Wednesday, 5th April 2017 at 7:00 am

If you know anything about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’s that a) the scene where Vader mows through a horde of Rebels is frickin’ awesome, and b) the film was plagued by a lengthy period of re-shoots.


In fact, since reports surfaced that up to 40% of the final cut was filmed after principal photography, fans have been raking over the shots that appear in the trailer but not the film, piecing together which plot-lines were culled. Yet it looks like we’ll never see the entire story of Rogue One after it was announced that the DVD wouldn’t contain any deleted scenes. They’re simply not long enough to warrant a release, apparently.

And despite the many questions from fans – ourselves included – director Gareth Edwards now says we should freeze the whole conversation in carbonite for the time being. When asked about the speculation surrounding the reshoots, Edwards told “I understand it. I’d probably be the same out of curiosity. But I sort of feel like it’s a conversation that people should have in about a year, two years from now when this version has settled in everyone’s minds.

“The movie that’s out there is the movie. That’s what’s canon. All the other things that didn’t make it to the film for whatever reason is just the story of the making of the movie.

“And, as a filmmaker, you can’t [revisit it]. It’s like a footballer looking back on the FA Cup wondering what would have happened if they passed the ball left instead of right. It’s not how it works. As long as you win the match that’s all that matters and I feel like I’m happy with it.”

However, as Rogue One’s reshoots were supposedly a result of negative views from early test screenings, it was presumed a lot of footage must have been filmed to support the different versions of the plot. Just think about that shot of Jyn limping towards a TIE fighter. It must have been preceded by a scene explaining why she was battling the spaceship on foot. Otherwise, the film would make no sense to test audiences, right?

Well, Edwards has left that theory in a worse state than Scarif (too soon?). The reason: the re-shoots took place on the say of the filmmakers, not any test audiences. “One of the unique things about making Star Wars films is that there are no test screenings,” revealed Edwards. “We didn’t show anybody. There were literally a handful of people that saw those different shots… Nothing was changed or cut due to the reaction of screenings, it was just what we felt like.”

So, looks like there really isn't a databank of Rogue One deleted scenes in the Jedi archives. We can finally stop talking about it. And if you’ve still got qualms about the reshoots? We’ve heard Edwards has got some pretty scary friends that could keep you quiet...


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download 10th April


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