11 famous faces who are actually Time Lords in disguise

Gallifrey or Guildford? Here are 11 icons we suspect might be keeping a timey-wimey secret...

Mary Poppins



Case for: She’s a magical and yet quintessentially English being who descends from the clouds to help save people in a crisis. She has a handbag that’s bigger on the inside. She knows that bow ties are cool – and hats and stripey scarfs, too, come to that. She has a flying umbrella, just like the one used by Time Lord wrong ’un Missy – and the pair clearly use the same stylist. Maybe ‘Victorian nanny’ is what they’re all wearing on Gallifrey this year….

Case against: The Eleventh Doctor once started to compare himself to Mary Poppins, before deciding that analogy would have been “rubbish”. Well excuse us.

Time Lord rating: 8/10

Tracy Barlow


Case for: Having barely left the cobbles of Coronation Street – let alone explored all of time and space – the ne’er do well daughter of Deirdre and Ken Barlow is an unlikely candidate for an ancient and powerful Gallifreyan. But bear with us. Because not only has Tracy had four different faces, her own daughter Amy has appeared in EIGHT separate guises, suggesting a fully-fledged Time Lord dynasty is underway on the streets of Weatherfield. It would also explain why Ken Barlow never gets any older.

Case against: Would a Time Lord really bother spending her life fighting petty feuds with the neighbours? And the Barlow’s house is definitely smaller on the inside.

Time Lord rating: 4/10

The Time Traveller


Case for: The protagonist of HG Wells’ The Time Machine is a scientist with no name who travels in time (well duh). He knows enough about the Fourth Dimension to be able to build a working TARD… sorry, time machine, which he uses to jaunt through the centuries fighting monsters (the Morlocks) and rescuing lesser mortals in distress (Weena). He witnesses the end of the world, before popping back home for dinner. He also dresses like a Victorian. But then everyone did back then, to be fair.

Case against: The Sixth Doctor met HG Wells and planted the seed for half the things that happen in The Time Machine. At a push, you could argue the Time Traveller is a Time Lord, in so much as he’s based on the Doctor.


Time Lord rating: 5/10