11 famous faces who are actually Time Lords in disguise

Gallifrey or Guildford? Here are 11 icons we suspect might be keeping a timey-wimey secret...




Case for: The one true king of Narnia is an ancient being who has lived for hundreds of years, and is able to manifest himself in different shapes. Lonely and godlike, he uses his power for good – but is also dangerous and unpredictable. His breath can restore people who have been turned to stone – could that be residual regeneration energy? He regularly brings humans from Earth to help him in his fight against the forces of evil and, on winning the day, likes to slip away quietly, often disappearing for long periods of time. But the most compelling evidence of all, of course, is that Aslan created a vast, magical world… inside a wardrobe.

Case against: Is a lion.

Time Lord rating: 8/10

Willy Wonka


Case for: He’s a scientist who leaves ordinary mortals permanently bamboozled, and uses his skills to create chocolate waterfalls and lollipop bushes – just like the Doctor once invented taps filled with lemonade. He doesn’t trust adults. As a youngster, he fled his home – only to have it disappear, so he couldn’t ever return there. He travels through space in a small glass elevator, and visits exotic places full of strange creatures, like Loompaland. He dresses in a bow tie and an Edwardian frock coat. He’s basically the Doctor.

Case against: We know he grew up on Earth. But who’s to say his father, Dr Wonka, wasn’t also a Time Lord? After all, he managed to make his entire house disappear and materialise somewhere else….

Time Lord rating: 10/10

David Bowie


Case for: He was the Starman, The Man Who Fell to Earth, A Space Oddity who sang of Loving the Alien and told tales of Life on Mars. He had a chameleon-like ability to change his appearance – over the years, he appeared in many guises, under many names: he was Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, The Laughing Gnome. He arrived in our living rooms in the 60s like a being from another world, reached his creative and popular zenith in the 70s and endured a difficult, critically derided 80s, only to be reborn as a beloved hero for the 21st century. Remind you of anyone?

Case against: He was the coolest man in the universe. And Time Lords don’t really do cool. I mean, have you seen their outfits?


Time Lord rating: 6/10