Meet the cast of American Gods

Leprechauns, Norse gods, bloodthirsty Slavic legends and sex goddesses star alongside the New Gods of Media and Technology

Cloris Leachman – Zorya Vechernyaya


Who does she play? Zoyra Vechernyaya is an Old God and an old woman. She comes from Slavic mythology and represents the Evening Star. Her sisters are the Morning Star and the Midnight Star. The sisters have fallen on hard times where they live in Chicago.

Where have I seen her before? Cloris Leachman’s acting career goes all the way back to the 1940s, so there’s a very good chance you’ll have seen her in something. Perhaps you recognise her from Lassie, or Mary Tyler Moore, or The Facts of Life? Or maybe from Malcolm in the Middle or The Ellen Show?

Peter Stormare – Czernobog


Who does he play? Czernobog is another Old God from Slavic mythology. He thrives on knocking people’s brains out with his sledgehammer. In the human world he found a place working in the meat business, slaughtering cows in a factory.

Where have I seen him before? Peter Stormare is a Swedish actor who has starred in Black Widows, The Blacklist, Longmire and the original film of Fargo. He was the voice of Lord Dregg in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Orlando Jones – Mr Nancy


Who does he play? Mr Nancy is derived from the Old God Anansi. He tells stories based on West African animism which show him to be a trickster god. He also manifests as a tarantula, so if you are an arachnophobe you might want to skip the first ten minutes of episode two.

Where have I seen him before? Orlando Jones was in Black Dynamite, Sleepy Hollow, and Rules of Engagement.

Jonathan Tucker – Low Key Lyesmith


Who does he play? Low Key Lyesmith is Shadow’s old prison cellmate. 

Where have I seen him before? Jonathan Tucker plays Jay Kulina in Kingdom. You may also have seen him Parenthood as Bob Little, or Hannibal as Matthew Brown.


American Gods launches on Amazon Prime Video on Monday 1st May, with new episodes following weekly