Meet the cast of American Gods

Leprechauns, Norse gods, bloodthirsty Slavic legends and sex goddesses star alongside the New Gods of Media and Technology

Kristin Chenoweth – Easter


Who does she play? Easter is an Old God, who Mr Wednesday want to recruit for the fight. She is based on the Germanic goddess Eostre and is all about flowers and fluffy bunnies.

Where have I seen her before? Kristin Chenoweth played April Rhodes in Glee and Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies.

Bruce Langley – Technical Boy


Who does he play? Technical Boy is the first of the New Gods that Shadow encounters after taking the job with Mr Wednesday. He’s a personification of the Internet, but he isn’t very nice. In Gaiman’s 2001 novel he’s a chubby kid with acne, but times have moved on and the TV adaptation transforms him into a digital punk.

Where have I seen him before? This is a breakout role for Bruce Langley, though he’s been in a handful of stage productions.

Yetide Badaki – Bilquis


Who does she play? Bilquis is an Old God. She… well, she kind of devours men with her vagina. She desires sexual worship. She’s not a key character in the novel, but the showrunners decided to beef up her role in the TV series.

Where have I seen her before? Perhaps as Keira in Sequestered, or Sanjana in The Failing Man.

Crispin Glover – Mr World


Who does he play? Mr World is the leader of the New Gods. He believes he is on the winning side.


Where have I seen him before? Crispin Glover was George McFly in Back to the Future in 1985.