Why is TV channel Dave now called David?

It has a little something to do with the Hoff...

You may have noticed a little something different over on the TV Channel Dave today… it’s called David. 


No, Dave isn’t trying to turn over a new leaf and get all of his friends to call him by his full name. His nan’s not on her way over. It’s to mark the arrival of one David Hasselhoff’s new show: Hoff the Record. 

Well, he’s a very important David, right?

Its Twitter account is getting in on the action, too:

And of course Facebook got the rebranding message:

The spoof series follows a down-on-his-luck Hoff who’s trying to kickstart his career in England. No subject or humiliation is off limits as he gets well and truly hassled. Which, actually, you’re not supposed to do. Ever. 


Hoff the Record starts tonight at 9:00pm on Dave, sorry, David