Warwick Davis to present new ITV quiz show

Tenable is based around top 10 lists


As a journalist in the modern media age, churning out listicles is an endless Sisyphean nightmare from which I cannot escape. However, I understand that for other people, they’re quite good fun. Enter Warwick Davis.


The star of Life’s Too Short and Star Wars will front Tenable, a new quiz on ITV based around top 10 lists. Teams of five compete each day to answer ‘top 10’ questions from the realms of pop culture and general knowledge, then try to score a perfect 10 in the final round to take home the prize money.

It also features the most existential diss in all of quiz-land: teams who fail are deemed ‘untenable‘.


Will it be a success? Some day, will I be writing ‘The top 10 contestants on Tenable (you won’t believe number 6)‘? We’ll find out when it launches this November.