The X Factor week two: who sang the best?

Here are all the performances from Saturday and Sunday night's show

Saturday night


The Cutkelvins

Song: Reggaetón Lento (Remix) by CNCO & Little Mix


The judges said: Louis loved the song but would have preferred to see the trio working more as a group rather than having Shereen out at the front with her brothers hanging back. “For me, it’s not starting to feel like a group anymore,” added Nicole. “I miss the energy of you three – this is Latin week, we want to feel you move.”

After Nicole gave her feedback, Simon looked quite blankly at her and said: “I’m not really interested.” So there.

What he did say about The Cutkelvins is that the chemistry works between them and that in the end they made the right call on which song to perform after going backwards and forwards on the track choice all week.


Song: Dimelo – an original song
The judges said: “Guys, this is why I love my job!” exclaimed Louis. “You stole the show last week, you’re going to steal the show tonight. It was absolutely incredible.” Sharon had to hand it to the boys, revealing that they wrote the song in just one week. “It’s a tremendous song. Everyone here adores you.”

Nicole didn’t want to jinx it “or nothing”, but thought that could be a number one hit record. Simon said one word. “Respect. You know why?” he added. “My favourite part of my job is when I don’t have to do anything. Because with you guys, it all comes from you. And you are a pleasure to work with. Even my son is obsessed with you now. He wants to be in Rak-Su!”

Sean and Connor Price

Song: Cheap Thrills by Sia ft.Nicky Jam

The judges said: Louis thought that it shouldn’t have worked but it “absolutely does”. “Simon, I love these guys,” he said. “I think they’re going to go far!” Meanwhile Sharon could barely get her words out for the screaming in the studio. “I love you, I love your personalities,” she eventually managed to say, adding that every time they perform she gets a sense of who they are and that she loved the boys’ harmonies.

Nicole agreed with “Mrs O” and appreciated that they learnt Spanish, but thought it was a “little over-produced”. Simon then explained that they were “very professional, very committed” and that he thought the competition needed them. “There’s no moaning – you just get on with it and have fun and that’s infectious,” Simon said of their performance.

Jack and Joel

Song: Havana / Hasta El Amanecer by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug / Nicky Jam

The judges said: “The thing about you guys is that your personalities are just as big as your entertainment. You’ve got everything going on,” said Louis Walsh, with Sharon Osbourne adding that their rendition of the Number One hit song was a great way to open the show.

Nicole Scherzinger said that she could see Jack with a fedora and a moustache and that Joel “slapped some cheese” on it. Simon, obviously, said he loved the song and that they were popular because they were fun. “I think this is a cabaret act,” he added. “And what has got to happen going forward is that you’ve got to start thinking that every time you’re on that stage you’re making a record.”


Leon Mallett

Song: Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams

The judges said: “Can I be honest with you?” Simon told Leon after his performance. “Fire the choreographer. Because you at your age do not need choreography. It’s ridiculous, it’s dated. And your jacket doesn’t work either.” Say what you really think Simon!

“What I want to feel from you is that everything you’re doing up there is you…you have to own it, you have to have fun,” Simon added. Sharon said: “Simon, I have missed you so much” before adding that she loved the song choice and thought he did well with it, but that he needed more conviction.

Nicole said she was right there with him, while Louis said he thought Leon “embraced the song” and that he hoped everyone in Great Yarmouth would vote for him.

Sam Black

Song: La Bamba / Twist & Shout by Ritchie Valens / The Beatles

The judges said: Simon said that although he “really really” liked Sam and that his performance was “energetic and enthusiastic”, it was something “we would hear at a wedding”.

“I’m going to have to put the blame on Louis here, because this has come from Louis’ own jukebox at home. Lazy”

Sharon liked it “very much” conversely and thought the mash-up worked and that she genuinely liked it, and Nicole agreed with her. “You made this whole Latin week work for your 60s vibe”.

Lloyd Macey

Song: Hero by Enrique Iglesias

The judges said: “That was a really really good song choice,” said Simon, adding that what was so good about the Welsh singer was that he knew who he was as an artist and he had great passion. “Going forward, I hope you can find a song that becomes your definitive version rather than doing quite a similar song to the original.”

“I was promised a fish finger sandwich three months ago and I haven’t had it,” added Simon, while Sharon said she loved his confidence. Nicole thought he was a “class act” and that his vocals took the viewers on a journey. “I see a brilliant future for you,” concluded Louis.


The X Factor airs Sunday 5th November at 7.05pm on ITV