Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins sets her sights on Strictly Come Dancing

Could she be as successful on the dance floor as 2013 finalist Susanna Reid?


Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins has revealed she wants to follow in the quickstepping footsteps of co-star Susanna Reid – and compete in Strictly Come Dancing.


“I would love to do Strictly because I do love dancing,” the breakfast TV presenter told “It would be an amazing challenge to do, definitely.”

Reid was a runner-up on the dance show back in 2013, before she crossed over from BBC Breakfast to ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Other breakfast TV stars to have suited up in sequin for Strictly include Naga Munchetty, Carol Kirkwood, Bill Turnbull and 2009 winner Chris Hollins.


However, Hawkins – who joined the GMB team three years ago after seven years on Sky Sunrise – insisted she would be petrified to perform in front of so many millions of people.

“I think I’d be terrified, because I’m not sure my dancing is up to it,” she explained.

“I did a charity dance competition while I was at Sky. And you’d think from what we do, working in live television, you’d think you’d be used to performing under pressure, being used to that live environment.

“But I have never been so scared in my life, as when I stepped out knowing that everybody was going to be looking at my feet, and what I was doing. It was just quite something altogether.”

While Hawkins wants to follow in Reid’s Strictly footsteps, the 41-year-old TV presenter is hoping to persuade another co-star to follow her own example: can she get Piers Morgan to put down his phone and take part in WWF’s environmental project Earth Hour?


Morgan, who is currently in the middle of shutting up after Lord Sugar made a major donation to Comic Relief to silence him for 24 hours, is surely itching to log back in and catch up on lost tweeting time.

But Hawkins will be trying to persuade her co-presenters to power down at 8:30 on Saturday 25th March.

“I’ll be telling them to switch off their lights,” she said. “I don’t know how that will go down but I will be definitely telling them they should be switching off their lights, and they should be going outside, and looking up at the stars instead.

“I don’t know whether I’ll get Piers Morgan to put his phone down, that might be another matter, for a whole hour. That will be a bit of a test.”

So how will she argue him into it?

“It’s a really nice time to switch off your telly, switch off all your lights, go out there, look at the sky, look around you and think, ‘Oh this is an amazing planet that we live on’,” Hawkins explained.

“I think that people taking small actions themselves that can make a huge difference. I think the danger is, a lot of people just think, ‘Oh I’m going to be a drop in the ocean.’ But I think these things snowball.”


Charlotte Hawkins was a judge in the Earth Hour Hero Awards and supports WWF Earth Hour, which takes place from 8:30pm on Saturday 25th March