What time is Big Brother on TV?

Everything you need to know about Big Brother's next season...


What time is it on TV?


Big Brother is on 10pm from Monday to Thursday and at 9pm on Friday to Sunday.

This year’s edition is presented by Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal with the housemates competing for an incredible £500,000 cash prize.

Who’s going into the house?

So far Kayleigh Morris, Lotan Carter, Imran Javeed, Sukhvinder Javeed, Hannah Agboola and Deborah Agboola have been annlounced – although there are due to be more announcements before the show begins.

What is the house like?

This year’s house seems to be the most British looking one yet.

What can you expect from the new series?

Big Brother teases “extremely revealing” new series… enough said!

What’s new?


Big Brother goes political with new ‘modern Britain’ eye logo and theme