Adventurer Bear Grylls has secured a third series of his Channel 4 survival show The Island.


The reality series sees two groups, one of men and one of women, try to survive on their own on a remote island for six weeks. Series one of the show averaged 3 million viewers while the second outing's figures are up, clocking in at an average of 3.2 million viewers with one final episode to go.

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However, series two has not been without its controversies. Channel 4 has released a statement defending scenes that showed the groups killing live animals for food – footage that has attracted complaints to the broadcaster and statements from PETA and the RSPCA protesting the contestants' actions:

"An important part of the experiment was to find out if the men and women were capable of surviving alone and able to find sources of food, including hunting and killing for meat; a vital part of their survival as it is a source of valuable calories and protein," said Channel 4.

The broadcaster is already looking for new recruits to live in the wild, with little more than a few tools to help them survive. More than 80,000 people applied to take part in series two.

“As a team, we are ambitious to raise the bar for this third series and push the limits of human survival even further. Hold tight!" explained Bear Grylls, who went onto explain that even when their luxuries are removed, people still have what it takes to survive:

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“It reminds us that when squeezed and stripped of everything, mankind and womankind still have an amazing spirit of resourcefulness, courage, and endurance, as well as an inspiring ability to form the closest of bonds with those alongside them going through hell.”

"We are immensely proud that this raw and gripping series has captured the imagination of the audience, and cannot wait to see another set of brave islanders take on this ultimate test of endurance,” added Kelly Webb-Lamb, managing director of Shine TV.

To apply to take part in the third series go to


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