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Dancing On Ice 2013: Tour cancelled, Gareth's buying a rink and Jason goes soft

DOI is turning into an episode of Corrie off the rink as gossip swirls around the celeb skaters, says Emma Daly

Published: Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 at 8:10 am

What with all the snow and ice around this week your forward cross overs are probably getting better than Joe Pasquale's. But the weather - and skating - isn't the only thing on these celeb's minds.


After commentator Tony Gubba revealed on Sunday night's show that Samia Ghadie has met skating partner and rumoured boyfriend Sylvain Longchambon's parents, Samia was seen helping scrape the ice off of Sylvain's car. Frozen fingers means love, right?

Some sweet pictures also emerged following the skate-off drama of Oona King comforting an injured pro-skater Mark Hanretty, who dislocated his shoulder only to pop it back in and continue to skate in an effort to save Oona. It didn't work - only judge Ashley Roberts was touched by their performance - so it's back to politics for Oona. Although after the Baroness hinted it was her fault Mark tripped, she's probably quite ready to return to carpeted floors and sturdy shoes.

Judge Jason's mood seems to be improving off screen, feeling the love with Olympic boxer Luke Campbell on Twitter, who he has repeatedly scoffed at on the show. Although, perhaps this is for his own safety as it follows a tweet suggesting Luke should "show Jason his amazing boxing skills". Jason wrote, "I love his fighting spirit. Now all he has to do is bring it to the ice!" A shocked Luke replied, "Is that a compliment Jason? That's the nicest thing you have said to me in the last two weeks". Watch out lads, you'll be hugging next.

During Sunday night's show Christopher Dean joked that when Gareth Thomas and Matt Lapinskas took to the ice to train for their cowboy themed duel there was a lot of testosterone flying about. It seems he was right - Gareth has posted a rather candid snap on Twitter where lights in the studio appear to give him a huge, ahem, well you know. Almost enough to make you look twice. Almost...

Whether this is as bad as Anthea Turner telling her followers, "I am a spent force destined to be horizontal for 10 hours," well, we'll leave that up to you. What do you mean dirty minds?

Away from the cheeky Twitter snaps Gareth does seem to be taking his sequins to heart, with the Sun reporting he's set to splash out £300,000 on his own ice rink. Perhaps it's a business venture as Gareth is said to be hoping to rent it out to the public, or just for the weekends, who knows? Shayne Ward has also got on eye on his career post-DOI reportedly saying he'd love to be a judge on the X Factor. And whose seat do you have your eye on exactly Shayne?


The boys may be wise to be thinking about their futures though after it has emerged DOI bosses have scrapped the Dancing on Ice tour for the first time in seven years - a blow to fans and the celebs themselves who are said to rake in thousands - and from performances they actually enjoy as they're not up for public vote. All round to Gareth's rink then...


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