Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Claire King

The actress is best known as superbitch Kim Tate in Emmerdale and tough governor Karen Betts in prison drama Bad Girls. But says in real life she's actually quite nice

Name: Claire King


Age: 51

Famous, why? For being a TV superbitch.

Claire King is the self-styled Queen of British TV superbitches, having played villainous homewrecker Kim Tate in Emmerdale, and tough prison governor Karen Betts in Bad Girls. But she says that in real-life she’s “the polar opposite” of those “hard-bitten man-eaters” and is in fact, “a down-to-earth country girl at heart”. Let’s just hope this year’s Big Brother garden has real grass instead of plastic then, eh?

Kim won the soap award for Best Exit as her Emmerdale character. When it comes to Big Brother, of course, that would mean being last to leave…