Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Michael Madsen

Housemates won't want to get stuck in the middle of a row with The Reservoir Dogs star...

Name: Michael Madsen


Age: 54

Official website: michaelmadsen.com

Famous for: Actor

Bio: He’s best known as a movie tough guy, having played psychotic ear mutilator Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs and numerous other criminal roles, but Madsen also starred in Free Willy, and in real life is an accomplished poet (Dennis Hopper described him as a throwback to the Beat generation, saying: “I like him better than Kerouac”).

Half-Danish, 54-year-old Madsen should bring some Nordic cool to the house, as well as some sensitivity and maturity, although fellow housemates may not want to get stuck in the middle of a row with him…

Twitter: @MadsenThePoet

Watch a trailer for mockumentary Being Michael Madsen