Meet the Made in Chelsea NYC newcomers: Billie Carroll

Bahamas-born Billie works in sales but runs a fashion blog on her spare time and has her eye on one of the MIC fellas...

MEET… BILLIE CARROLL, 22, Bahamas-born sweet shop heiress


What’s your background? The cast of Made in Chelsea are the cream of society – is your set-up similar?

I grew up in the Bahamas, and then went to boarding school in Boca Raton, Florida. After that I went to University in Dallas, and then shortly after graduating I moved to New York – I always wanted to live here – and started working in fashion.

What is it you do in fashion?

I work for this high-end contemporary loungewear line called Kings of Cole, based in New York. It’s only been around for three years, so it’s still like a start-up environment. I’m on the sales team, but my responsibilities kind of involve every aspect of running the business, so I’ve been learning a lot, which is great. And I also started a fashion blog a few months ago, called 25 Degrees North. It’s doing well. It’s not been around for long, but I’m getting a lot of followers, which is exciting.

What are your hobbies?

I love to work out – I go to classes here in New York, like pilates and stuff. I love trying out different restaurants with friends. And working on my blog is a hobby, really – even though it’s work, it’s still a hobby. And I love going home to the Bahamas. Most of the time, since I’ve been away at school, and now living in New York, I love getting back there. Even though it’s home, it feels like a vacation to me. My parents and family are still there. I’ve lived in the same house my whole life, it’s right on the water, on the beach. It’s nice to come home to.

Before you were cast in Made in Chelsea, had you heard of the show?

I think I’d seen a trailer for it or something like that. The name was familiar, but I’d never watched an episode.

What did you make of everyone? Who did you get on with and not get on with so well?

Honestly, they couldn’t have been nicer. They were so much fun. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t get on with anyone, but I think that the viewers will be able to make their own minds up about that when they watch the series.

Was there anyone in the cast who you were attracted to?

Errrr, yes, there was.

Who? Did anything develop?

I can’t say. [Laughs].

Do you think that British people have a different approach to dating from New Yorkers?

I heard that there is kind of a bit of a difference. Here in New York, taking someone out for dinner is more casual – you can kind of be taking more than one person out on dates. It’s not automatically exclusive, But the guys explained to me that it’s different over there, so I guess that’s the main difference.

A lot of the cast seem to have pretty complicated love lives. At one point or another they all seem to have been involved with each other! Have you got to grips with who likes who, who hates who and stuff like that? Or do you just try and steer clear of all of that?

Obviously when you’re hanging out with everybody, conversations come up about what has gone on in the past, but I think everyone being here in New York has been so exciting and fun that I think for the most part people have been getting along, despite what has happened in the past.

How did you get on with the other US cast members? Did you know any of them previously?

Yes! Carson’s actually one of my really good friends. We went to college together, and so it was really nice to have him on the show with me. We had a lot of fun. And the others were great, too.

Would you consider doing a series in London if they invited you over to do it?

Yeah, I would. Why not?

What were the best and worst things about being in Made in Chelsea?

I think the best thing about it was meeting all these great people who I wouldn’t otherwise have met. The worst thing? I don’t think I have anything bad to say about it.


Made in Chelsea NYC starts on Sunday, August 10 at 9pm on E4