The Apprentice: Ready meal task gets Myles hot under the collar

Myles makes a meal out of pitching as Alex fumbles with a microwave

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There are many things that can stand in the way of an Apprentice victory. Lord Sugar, Karren and Nick, the interview stage, a silly business decision – but for Alex Mills, it might just be a microwave.


Finally at the helm of Endeavour, and desperate to lead his team and their Deadly Dinner range of ready meals to victory, Alex comes a cropper during a pitch.

Not only does he put the usually steady Myles off his presentation to the buyers at Asda with his suprisingly loud pricking of ready meal containers, he also complains that the microwave doesn’t work – before being told to “use the big button at the bottom…”


The Apprentice continues tonight, 9:00pm, BBC1