Radio Times Online Champion Semi-Final

Only four creators remain - but who makes YOUR day on the internet?


Do you watch all of your favourite ‘TV’ on the internet? Are your entertainment heroes more likely to pop up on your laptop than your cinema screen? Then chances are you’ll know who your Online Champion is already.


You’ve whittled the internet’s best and brightest stars down to just 4 contenders and now we want YOU to decide who you think deserves that Radio Times Online Champion crown.

4 will become 2 at the end of the round so every vote counts!

You can vote as many times as you like for as many creators as you like but remember, you MUST cast your vote before 6pm BST on Saturday August 12th. Happy voting!

Semi-Final 1: Ali A v Hazel Hayes

Semi-Final 2: Jack and Dean v Carrie Fletcher

How does Champion work?

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