Nick Grimshaw overturned his Mercedes to avoid a cat in the road

Don’t worry, both Grimmy and kitty were left unhurt


Radio 1 DJ and former X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw crashed his car last night, flipping the vehicle on its side full James Bond style. Why? To avoid hitting a cat that ran out in the road (a bit less 007).


But if you’re wondering why we’re treating a potentially life-threatening situation so lightly, we’re pleased to say Grimshaw escaped the scene uninjured.

A spokesperson for Grimshaw, 32, told The Telegraph: “Nick is absolutely fine – he was driving at no more than 15 mph and he swerved to avoid a cat.

“No one was hurt and Nick will be doing his breakfast show as normal tomorrow morning.”

And the cat?! Tell me more about the cat! Again, no sweat. As one eyewitness told Metro, the kitty was also unharmed.


Continue your day as normal, people.