Netflix to revive Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and “Make America Fabulous Again”

The show will be brought back with an all-new cast


America is more divided than ever before, so as Donald Trump finishes his up his first week in office, Netflix has announced a new initiative to “Make America Fabulous Again”.


The streaming giant will be reviving reality TV series Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

The series originally ran from 2003 until 2007. It featured five gay men who would use their fashion knowledge to give members of the public makeovers.

“In a time when America stands divided and the future seems uncertain, a team of five brave men will try to bring us closer together with laughter, heart, and just the right amount of moisturizer,” Netflix said in a statement.


“The Emmy Award winning Queer Eye is back and ready to Make America Fabulous Again. With a new Fab 5 and the show’s toughest missions to date, Queer Eye moves from the Big Apple to turn the red states pink… one makeover at a time.”

It sounds like Queer Eye will be visiting Republican (red) areas of the US – which is sure to be interesting when the show starts filming in the spring.

Though the cast may be new, the same team are coming back for the revival, with creator and executive producer David Collins and producing partners Michael Williams and Rob Eric at the helm.

Carson Kressley – one of the show’s original Fab 5 – has suggested that Celebrity Big Brother and musical theatre star Frankie Grande should be signed up to the show.

“The producers actually called me before the story broke and said they wanted to let me know they were redoing the show with a new dynamic cast,” he told TMZ.

He added: “There’s never a way to recreate that same magic, so it’ll be a different kind of magic.

“It was a great time for us, because people were like, ‘Ooh the the gays, I don’t know, let’s see what they are about’, so it was kind of voyeuristic and now I hope we’re a little more advanced.

“It was such an amazing experience for me that I thought wouldn’t it be amazing for somebody else to get that amazing experience and make their career and change their life, so I wish nothing but good for the new team.”


No release date has yet been announced.