Meet the cast of Ex on the Beach

Singletons enjoy a beach holiday until their exes show up…what's the worst that could happen?

Alexzander Leslie


Londoner Alexzander, or Alex, Leslie was off jet setting in Marbella before filming started for Ex on the Beach, so his tan was all topped up and ready to go.

The 25-year-old is an avid fitness guru with a mountainous physique.

He says, “I used to be a massive geek…and ever since then, I’ve just been playing girls, not video games.”

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Zahida Allen


Zahida Allen is a former cocktail waitress from Newcastle who appeared in series 14 of Geordie Shore. In the first episode of Ex on the Beach, she claims to do a bit of modelling, dancing, and fire breathing.

She openly admits to being slightly psycho and possessive when it comes to her men, so much so that she even followed and spied on her ex-boyfriend.

The 22-year-old competed in the UK Power Pageant last year and went on to represent Newcastle in Miss International, Miss Grand, Miss Intercontinental, and World Super Model UK. Additionally, she earned a spot in the finals of Miss Earth in 2012.

“The person I wish I could be more like is Mother Teresa. She’s never flashed a shoulder or an ankle in her life, never mind her boob – like me,” she says.

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ZaraLena Jackson


ZaraLena Jackson, 24, is a dog lover and fashion designer. She’s a self-taught dressmaker and runs her own fashion label, ZaraLena, out of Preston. We expect to catch her in plenty of her own creations, especially swimsuits.

The redheaded firecracker has ties to Stephanie Davis’s ex boyfriend, model Sam Reece.

She says, “In 10 years time, it would be nice to have a nice partner and a family, but knowing my luck, I’ll probably end up having 10 Chihuahuas.”

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Ross Worswick


Ross Worswick, 27, is no stranger to Ex on the Beach. He was the first ever ex to surprise Chloe Goodman in series one.

Afterwards he found fame in Sky 1 reality series Desi Rascals. He dated co-star Jasmin Walia, known for The Only Way Is Essex, in 2014 but the pair split up two years later.

There’s nothing better than moving on to help mend a broken heart, which is why Ross’s reappearance comes at the perfect time.

He comments on what he’s changed to take on the new season, including more tattoos, bigger muscles, and white-tipped hair.

“For me, style’s a big thing, whether you’re a guy or a girl. Some people have it; some people don’t. Luckily I’ve got it,” he says.

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Ex on the Beach starts tonight at 10pm on MTV