Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc had a long overdue Friends reunion… in London, baby!

Could we BE any more excited to see Joey and Chandler back together?


They’ve often said it’ll never happen but it happened – Joey and Chandler from Friends have finally been reunited.


Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry are both in London working (the former presenting Top Gear, the latter directing and starring in a play on the West End) so it’s almost never been easier for them to catch up.

Le Blanc headed along to Perry’s play, The End of Longing, and it seems as though he was very impressed with what he saw.

No word yet on whether or not he’s coaxed Perry into a motor vehicle for Top Gear, but we do know Matthew’s given a role in The End of Longing to Chris Moyles.


Couldn’t fit a few former Friends stars in there too, could you Matthew?