Magic Mike sequel set for July 2015 release

Prepare yourselves. Shirtless Channing Tatum is coming back.

The good news? The world is going to be blessed with a sequel to the Channing Tatum movie Magic Mike. The bad news? We still have to wait more than a year to see it.


Magic Mike: XXL (Yes, that’s really the name of the sequel) will be gracing our cinema screens in July 2015. Next summer just got a lot more exciting if you ask me…

Tatum is currently penning the script for the sequel, and production of the film is set to start this fall, according to Variety. 

The original 2012 film was a loose interpretation of Tatum’s days as a young male stripper. With a budget of just $7 million, the movie grossed more than $113.7 million in the US box office alone.

Hilariously, it’s also been credited as the turning point in Matthew McConaughey’s career. Let us all remember that two years before he had a Oscar in his hand, Matthew McConaughey was playing a male stripper…