Made in New York? E4 commissions Brits abroad reality series based in the US

Bolstered by the success of Made in Chelsea, Channel 4's youth-skewed channel will head across the pond following a group of twenty-something Brits chasing the American Dream

BBC3 may be departing our television screens but E4 is ploughing ahead with plenty more content for the country’s youthful audience…


The latest is no doubt inspired by the success of scripted reality mega hit Made in Chelsea which has enjoyed great success during its five seasons, climaxing with the Sloaney gang’s surprise win at Bafta last May. 

Taking New York – a new eight-part series – will be hoping to emulate their success. Details are still thin on the ground with casting yet to be announced, but the forthcoming constructed reality series echoes certain details of the MIC format, following a group of twenty-something British friends as they attempt to make their American dream come true across the pond.

Some will already be established and making a name for themselves, others will have just arrived and need to adjust to the fast-paced life of the Big Apple with the series promising, “the highs, the lows, the heartbreaks, the competition, the clashes and the insecurities that come with life and love in New York City.”

That’s it for now but we’ve been told filming will begin later this year. Watch this space…